Connect With Your Inner Wisdom

This six week experiential course is designed to assist students in discovering and refining their psychic and intuitive gifts. By accessing what quantum physicists call “The Zero Point Field” and ancient sages called “The Akashic Record,” students tap into universal wisdom. Opportunities to connect with the higher self, guides and angels and investigate tools like chakra meditation, dreams, psychometry, channeling and remote viewing are presented.

Catherine’s ability to access “The Knowing Field” has been documented through research conducted by Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. Her efficacy as a medium, precognitive dreamer and medical intuitive has been tested. (Research) Her capability as an energy healing practitioner has also been tested. (Healing)

What Are You Telling Yourself?

What if your outer world is a projection of your inner thoughts and emotions? Could you change the condition of your body or your environment by changing your thoughts? Recent scientific experiments in quantum physics, cellular biology, and energy psychology are discovering the bridging mechanisms of the mind/body connection.

Join Catherine Kenney Yunt, M.C. who, for nine years, participated in research at the University of Arizona in the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. She will share her experiences, insights and tools. You will learn how to examine and change your own beliefs to live a healthier, more satisfying life.

For more information about this two hour class contact Catherine at (480) 262-7123.