I will be co-facilitating a workshop with Jonas Elrod following the showing of Wake Up. Please join us at this film festival retreat in Santa Barbara. Register before June 30th for the early bird discount!

The documentary The Life After Death Project will premier on SyFy as the Midnight Movie on May 15, 2013. As a featured medium, I share messages from Forrest J Ackerman, a founding father of Hollywood Science Fiction. Join us as we share Forry's story, exploring evidence for life after death communication.

Watch the Trailer for In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod

I am featured as the spiritual advisor in this documentary that aired on Feb. 3, 2013 on Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Combining my intuitive gifts with a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University, I express my divine purpose “as a catalyst for change.” I serve as a guide on the soul’s evolutionary journey assisting others in connecting with the wisdom of their heart. I seek to inspire, empower and enlighten clients by helping them identify their life purpose and expose the obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from living their highest potential.

Beginning in 2001, my abilities as a psychic medium, precognitive dreamer, medical intuitive and energy healing practitioner have been tested at the University of Arizona. In his book, The Energy Healing Experiments, researcher Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D, discusses the medical intuitive experiment and the energy healing practitioner studies.

The energy healing research is featured in the documentary Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What. The Renee Scheltema film won the Jury Award at the 2009 Arizona International Film Festival.

The Big Five Psychic Phenomena: Precognition, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Psychokinesis and Spiritual Healing are investigated in the film. In an interview with Laura Powers I describe my role in Something Unknown and the soon to be released documentary, The Life After Death Project. I share my experiences as a medium, energy healer and astrologer.

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Laura Powers Interview

Listen to my interview with Jonas Elrod, Director of Wake Up, a documentary film that follows a fascinating story of an average guy who inexplicably developed the ability to access other dimensions. Jonas' film launched the new Oprah series on OWN called Super Soul Sunday on October 16th, 2011.

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Jonas Elrod Interview